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  • When the shots shoot themselves, you are just the servant moving the cue you have become the master.
  • If you are lazy in practise, you will be lazy in the contest. Practise with sincerity of heart.
  • Move through each level of skill development with the clear knowledge that you have no limits.
  • I accept the things I have no control over.
  • Be comfortable with the results, no matter what they are.
  • Be relaxed on every shot.
  • Be deliberate on all break shots.
  • Be focused on all draw shots.
  • Do not be preoccupied with results.
  • Glide your cue through the cue ball as if it was not there.
  • Your eyes should be perfectly aligned to the shot.
  • =>Never shoot until you are ready.
  • See the spot on the object ball and deliver the winning stroke.
  • Shoot each shot with 100% conviction.
  • Have a perfect follow through on each shot.
  • Stay down to watch the object ball disappear into the pocket.
  • Do not get ahead of yourself.
  • Shoot one shot at a time.
  • Enjoy your performance and be apart of each shot.
  • Be free from expectations.
  • Be free to shoot each shot.
  • Do not let anything interfere with your performance.
  • Make no judgement on your performance. It is as it is, and you should fully accept it.
  • Always show good sportsmanship.
  • Make your decision, lean into the stance, sight down the shaft and deliver the stroke.
  • You have unlimited ability to grow in this sport.