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About Us

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The Monk Billiard Academy has been serving students for over twenty five years and the Monk.com has been online for approximately 20 years.

The Monk Billiard Academy is at the forefront of billiard development in the world.

We supply all The Monk's Billiard training Dvds, e-Books and many helpful on-line tips and hints for the game of billiards.

As an American specialist institution we play an important role in extending learning opportunities. We use our expertise to support learning in extensive training programs.

Our Teachers are highly qualified and bring a wide range of experience to their roles. Our degree teaching is also supported by an active research program.

The Monk has been a pioneer in new teaching technology. He invented the famous Monk 2-7-2 Cue Ball Speed program that has helped thousands of players master the fine art of position play.

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